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Bankruptcy legal entity
Perhaps the most correct procedure liquidation of a legal person when the latter is a number of reasons can not meet the demands of creditors, a public authority.
Can declare bankruptcy creditors, either alone entity.
After the court recognizes the legal entity bankrupt all property is transferred to the arbitration manager
Debt of a legal entity can be divided into two groups:

bankrot1   bankrotstvo

1) Payments – liabilities that arose before the filing of an arbitration court for bankruptcy.
2) Financial liabilities that arose after the adoption of the statement (can not be included in the register of creditors’ claims). Exceptions are public bodies that remain outside the bankruptcy proceedings. These include tax customs authorities.
On the basis of the Federal Law № 127 (v. 9) In case of liquidation of the legal entity debtor must apply to the arbitration court within the statutory period (within one month) a statement about the impossibility of fully meet the financial requirements of the lender, this must be accompanied by certified copies of documents of a legal entity.
The debtor within a reasonable time send a copy of their statements to authorized persons.
Remember that bankruptcy organizations – this is the right informed decision, if the balance sheet organization has large debts to creditors.
Disadvantages of this procedure – of course, the high price and the duration of all necessary measures bankruptcy legal entity. But most importantly, it must be emphasized – is a solution to their problems legally.



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